Powers of the Parish Council

Bearsted Parish Council is part of the three tiers of Local Government which comprises Parish Council, District Council and County Council. There are 15 Councillors elected every 4 years. Councillors are unpaid but have the Old buildings around the Village services of a full-time Clerk .

The Council meets in public on the second Tuesday of every month alternately in Madginford Hall and the King George V Memorial Hall with various Committee meetings being held throughout the year.

Notices of all meetings are posted on the 9 Parish notice boards and also on the Parish Office main door.

The Parish Council has the power to raise money by means of a precept levied on all households in the Parish and is collected together with Council Tax by Maidstone Borough Council. The Council's accounts are monitored annually by independent auditors.

For more information regarding the role of the parish council and its councillors click here and scroll down to All about parish and town councils (2007)